FHC Prep 2

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FHC Preparation

Week 4 - Forgiveness and Healing

Your Dates of Prep

Please note – you will have two weeks off for Easter and one week for the school break in June.

Week 1: 16th March-22nd March

Week 2: 23rd March-29th March

Week 3: 13th April-19th April

Week 4: 20th April-26th April

Week 5: 27th April-3rd May

Week 6: 4th May-10th May

Week 7: 11th May-17th May

Week 8: 18th May-24th May

Week 9: 25th May-31st May

Week 10: 8th June-14th June

Week 11: 15th June-21st June

Week 12: 22nd June-26th June


Forgiveness is key to healthy relationships.


Jesus, the Good Shepherd, leads us to heaven.


In the Sacrament of Reconciliation, God proves that he is always willing to forgive you.
God Loves Healthy Relationships
The excuse “My dog ate my homework” takes on a new twist! Sarah repairs a friendship by focusing on an important lesson from the Our Father.
God is always willing to give us a fresh start, and he asks us to do the same for others. But it can be difficult! Watch as Ben and Sarah seek forgiveness from one another.
What is a Sacrament?
Hemingway reminds us that we all need help from time to time. Especially from God. Discover the special help God gives you through the sacraments.
What is Reconciliation?
Just as Sarah needed her coach to help her perform her best at a soccer match, we all need great coaching to become the-best-version-of-ourselves.
God Will Always Love You
Ben and Sarah go looking for a lost Hemingway. Sometimes when we do something wrong, we are tempted to think that God won’t go looking for us, but is this true?
This week, pray together as a family:
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