FHC Prep 2

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FHC Preparation

Week 9 - First holy communion

Your Dates of Prep

Please note – you will have two weeks off for Easter and one week for the school break in June.

Week 1: 16th March-22nd March

Week 2: 23rd March-29th March

Week 3: 13th April-19th April

Week 4: 20th April-26th April

Week 5: 27th April-3rd May

Week 6: 4th May-10th May

Week 7: 11th May-17th May

Week 8: 18th May-24th May

Week 9: 25th May-31st May

Week 10: 8th June-14th June

Week 11: 15th June-21st June

Week 12: 22nd June-26th June


Two of the ways God reveals his amazing plan for our lives are through the Bible and Mass on Sunday.


Jesus is the greatest teacher who ever lived.


We gather at church with our family, friends, and our parish family to worship God in the way that Jesus taught us to.
Overview of the Mass
Sarah tests Ben’s knowledge of the Mass with a series of rigorous questions. Will Ben answer correctly, or will he be forced to face the consequences?
Introductory Rites
Out on a picnic, Ben asks Fr. Tom what the most amazing thing he ever experienced was. This question sparks a great conversation about how incredible the Mass is.
Liturgy of the Word
Ben is very nervous about being a lector for the first time during Mass. Fr. Tom helps calm his nerves by explaining what happens during the Liturgy of the Word.
We Believe
How far is God willing to go to show us he loves us? Sarah answers that question through the Creed, a summary of the core beliefs that make up our Catholic faith.
Wear It Out
At the end of an unexpected adventure involving a secret tunnel, scared Tiny, and lost Hemingway, Sarah receives a gift and a powerful challenge from her mom.
Join Ben as he leads us in St. Ignatius’ prayer asking Jesus to help us become all we were created to be.
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