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find your ministry

bite-sized Bible

Daily Bible Reflections from St Benedict’s Parish

Called & Gifted Workshop

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Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.

St Catherine of Siena

Lunch and Workshop materials included

Suggested Donation

£15 Parishioner | £30 Non Parishioner
Bursaries are available to Parishioners, just let us know

Discover God's Call for Your Life

God is calling you to a unique purpose in life, a work of love that only you can do. Discovering your spiritual gifts is a great way of discerning God's call in your life. In Baptism and Confirmation you received gifts from God. Through these gifts, God desires to reach others with His love. Come and discover the gifts which you have been given by God.

This Called & Gifted Workshop is intended for those who have encountered Jesus and are growing with Him. We encourage all St Benedict's Parish members to consider attending this one day class.

This intensive workshop is designed to help you discover the gifts that God has already given you. It includes helping you discern the unique ways your gifts might serve the Church. We will recommend ministries in our Parish that we think may be a good fit, or maybe the Holy Spirit will rouse in you a desire to serve in your Parish in a New Ministry.
Catherine of Siena Institute
The Called & Gifted™ Discernment Process has been used since 1993 by over 100,000 lay Catholics and other Christians around the world. It is designed to help Christians discern the presence of charisms in their lives.

There are three parts of the process and all three are necessary for discovering where you are gifted. 

Part One is the Called & Gifted workshop – which lays the foundation for the beginning of discernment.

Part Two is the one hour gifts interview – an invaluable part of the process.

Part Three is discernment in the real world – this will teach you how to test and live out some of the charisms, helping them to grow and flourish.


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