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Catholicism is not a tick box exercise. It's an invitation from God to have a living relationship with Him. That relationship lasts a lifetime and calls you ever deeper. Wherever you are right now in that journey of faith, we are here to help.



Are you curious or intrigued about the Catholic Church or God? Perhaps you have lots of questions. Do you want to pray but don’t know how? Maybe you have decided to follow God but are not sure where to begin. Are you considering coming along to our Church? Then Encounter may be the stage you’re at. 

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in christ

Do you already know God? Do you want to go deeper in your relationship with God? Jesus calls us to share in our journey of faith with other members of his family, here you can find other Christian followers of God. This stage is where you are ready to commit to a deeper transformation as a follower of Jesus inside His Church.

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Jesus calls His followers to serve Him and others. This can be done through many different ways and call be unique to you. This stage is normally for those who are committed to Jesus and want to find a way to share the Good News through serving others.