“A Priest is a man who offers his whole humanity to God so that God might use him as an instrument of salvation.”

St John Paul 2

There is only one true priest - Jesus Christ.
It was Jesus who offered his life as a sacrifice on the cross.
All priests in the Church share in Jesus' unique priesthood.

What is a priest?

The priest is called to continue the mission of Jesus Christ by sharing in his priesthood. This means he brings Jesus’ life and power to people through the Sacraments. The priest is called to serve the needs of the Christian faithful and proclaim the Good News to all people.

What does a priest do?

A priest does a lot of things. In general, a priest celebrates Mass each day, leads the Christian community in prayer, brings the Sacraments to people, provides for the spiritual and material needs of the people. The priest is God’s instrument in the world.

Why do we need priests?

God has always brought his love and mercy to his people through individuals. Jesus decided to to continue his work of forgiveness and reconciliation through priests. When a priest celebrates Mass, it is Jesus who offers the sacrifice. When a priest absolves sins in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, it is Jesus who forgives. When a priest goes out to evangelise, it is Jesus calling his people home.

"Let the whole world tremble and shake
when Christ the Son of the Living God
is present on the altar
in the hands of a priest."
St Francis of Assisi

How do you become a priest?

Following God’s path can be daunting. No athlete becomes an Olympic Champion overnight. No artist creates his masterpiece with their first stroke of a brush. When walking God’s path it is best to ask smaller questions like: “What does God want me to do right now to draw closer to him?” “Should I become a priest?” is a huge question. Instead, begin with “Lord, help me to desire what you desire of me.” Or “Should I ask the Vocations Director for some tips on discerning?”


Pray & Discern


Talk to Vocations Director


Seminary Formation


Ordination to the Priesthood

A man prepares to become a priest through seminary formation. Seminary formation is normally for 6 to 7 years. It’s a place where one lives the life of a Disciple, growing in love of God, in order to become an Apostle, bringing the love of God to the world.

Seminary is a place for a man to address his concerns, grow in holiness, delve deeper into his relationship with God, and prepare to feed God’s sheep.

Trust that God will direct you
if you give him permission
Do not fear

Perhaps you are drawn to priesthood or have considered it, but then fear comes. Do not be afraid. Many men have had concerns or fears before becoming holy, effective and joyful priests.

Remember, God never uses fear to speak to us. That is the tactic of the Enemy. Trust in your God who calms the storm. Give time to finding the quiet of your soul and there you will hear God speaking in your deepest desire. 

Where next?
Here are some Resources
If not a priest, maybe a deacon?

From the early Church, Deacons have been called by God to serve or help the Christian people. Deacons serve in three distinct ministries; Charity, the Word, and at the Altar.

As a Minister of Charity the Deacon is called to serve the poor, the vulnerable and the marginalised. In our Parish the Deacons coordinate the Parish’s response to their needs and support parish groups and initiatives for these most in need.

As a Minister of the Word the Deacon proclaims the Gospel. In our Parish the Deacons preach at Mass, preside at funerals, baptise and officiate weddings. They also help prepare people for these sacraments.

As a Minister of the Altar the Deacon assists the Priest during Mass. In our Parish the Deacons distribute Communion at Mass, visit the sick and housebound, and coordinate Communion visits.

Why not reach out to one of our Deacons to talk about the calling of a Deacon?

If you would like to speak to one of our Deacons, send an email