Religious life

Religious Life

religious life

religious order calling religious life poverty obedience chastity love
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religious order calling religious life poverty obedience chastity love

religious life

Throughout the life of the Church there have been people who have given their lives to follow God through consecrated life. There are hundreds of different religious congregations and orders. In our Parish we are blessed to be served by monks who are part of the Benedictine Order. Each of these religious orders and congregations brings a particular gift to the life of the Church.

On the whole there are two types of religious life. Those who live in an enclosed convent or monastery, and those who work outside; for example in education, health or evangelisation.

Religious take life long vows of celibacy, poverty and obedience. They normally live together in community, supporting each other. 

Some religious wear distinctive clothing or habits to express their life of dedication to prayer and God; for example our Benedictine monks. Others wear ordinary clothes in order to express solidarity with those they work with.

"Religious should be men and women
who are able to wake the world up."
Pope Francis
a life given to God

God continues to call people to a life given to him in religious life. The Church invites you to consider living out your discipleship of Jesus in religious life.

The call to religious life is a special call from God to follow Jesus more closely. In this life the individual commits to live a life given to God in the service of others. They live, pray, and work for love of God and others.

Every vocation begins with God’s call but sometimes it requires a period of discernment to understand this call in our lives. Discernment begins with prayer. It includes the living the life of a faithful Catholic by going to Mass weekly and Confession regularly. We also need guides to help us on this path of discernment. You can speak to any of the monks or sisters at our Parish and they will point you in the direction of spiritual guides for this journey of discernment. 

Another aspect that is encouraged is the visiting of religious communities. Visit the ones that attract you and experience their life first hand. Religious life is a thing of beauty and joy. Come discern God’s will.

st Therese little flower saint stature
"Nuns are a gift, the leaven
that carried the message of Christ."
Pope Francis
religious snapshots
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"What dear brothers, is more delightful than
the voice of the Lord calling to us?"
St Benedict