confirmation preparation

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confirmation Preparation

Your year ahead ...

Week 2 - living God's adventure


Watch the video together


Have a conversation together


Write a few thoughts that come from the content (these are private and will help the teen to remember for conversations later with their Catechists)
Living God's Adventure
Reflection Questions

These questions are for you to discuss together, teen and parent.

Why can the Christian life sometimes seem boring?

Who is the most exciting Saint you know of?

How can your life as a Christian be more of an adventure here in Ealing?


The adventure prayer:

Jesus, you say following you as a Christian is an adventure, help me to see that. Help me to meet interesting Christians and help me to know that you are present in my life. Show me your plan for my life that I may have a strong purpose. Give me strength to encourage and build others up in their faith.


Send us a snapshot

For this week we would like to hear how you’re getting on with the materials. Tell us one thing that stood out for you in both videos? 

Also, what was the weird animal in the video that God created? (clue – not Daniel!)

Send us a photo of your two answers by email by clicking the button below.

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