St Benedict's Parish

Parish Planned Giving & Stewardship

Support the future of Parish for years to come

You can donate in many different ways. Through our Parish PayPal, direct bank transfer, by speaking to our Parish Secretary.

About our Campaign

The Parish Planned Giving & Stewardship Campaign is a way of supporting the work of the Parish for the future. Our campaign is a season running from mid September to early October in which the Parish is asking all parishioners to reflect on their participation in Parish life and, in particular, to review the extent of their time and financial commitment. For Parish life to flourish, it requires active participation from many, and it needs to have the finances to support all aspects of Parish life.

About the Campaign​

The Parish Planned Giving & Stewardship Campaign​

You can support our Parish in many ways, such as volunteering, regular planned giving or by giving a donation. This helps us maintain the Parish and grow our mission.

We rely on the support of our parishioners, which is why we are so grateful for and humbled by your support.

The kind donations that we receive provide for the upkeep of our Parish, ensuring the enjoyment of it for future generations. It also means we can fulfil our calling to give to others and to God.

We are deeply grateful for any support you can give but if you are not sure where to start, below are some suggestions which could help.

Week 1

Reflect on our blessings and renew our commitment

Week 2

Care for our Parish and Community

Week 3

Called to be a Steward​

Ways to get involved

  • Reading
  • Singing
  • Playing a Musical Instrument
  • Welcoming people to Mass
  • Cleaning the Church 
  • Altar Serving
  • Counting / Banking money
  • Parish Pastoral Team
  • Fundraising / Finance
  • Social Committee
  • Basic DIY Tasks
  • Helping with Admin tasks
  • Flower arranging
  • Visiting the sick/housebound
  • Visiting the bereaved
  • Welcoming Newcomers
  • Using language skills 
  • Collecting the elderly for Mass 
  • Join a Meditation Group
  • Baptism prep
  • 1st Holy Communion prep
  • RCIA
  • Journey of faith for Adults
  • Youth Group
  • Confirmation prep
  • Join a faith sharing group
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