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A very warm welcome to Saint Benedict’s Parish in Ealing. Come and join us for Mass or at one of our events.
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Welcome to Saint Benedict’s Parish in Ealing. Come and join us for Mass or at one of our events

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Spiritual Nourishment

How we are being fed and nourished spiritually by the Word of God in Scripture and then culminating in receiving the body and blood of Jesus in Holy Communion.   

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Our need for prayers

We need to realize that we cannot do it “all by ourselves”. We need prayers and reflection, just as we need the grace of the sacraments.

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Art and Prayer Group

The “Art and Prayer” group was launched in the parish on Saturday 29th June. The group meets to reflect on scripture and saints’ writings using a

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Through the storms God is with us

This Sunday’s gospel has the disciples panicking in a storm, all the while Jesus is serene, undisturbed, almost as if he were on a different boat, on a different lake. But he’s not, of course, he’s here right with us, and it is in the storm, when afraid, confused, lost, that he is there.

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The growth of God’s kingdom

Like the mustard seed, its starts off small and ends up being the largest of plants. Jesus’ intention was to tell the disciples to be patient, to trust in God .

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During our Sunday 9am Mass we have a Children’s Liturgy led by a team of volunteers. It’s the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel for all children under 11 years old. It runs during term time, listen out for the invitation at the start of 9am Mass for all children to come forward.