A Message of Salvation

I wanted to share with you a simple yet powerful message echoing through today's readings – a message of Salvation.

Dear Parishioner,

As we gather today on this 4th Sunday in Lent, I wanted to share with you a simple yet powerful message echoing through today’s readings – a message of Salvation.

The first reading from the book of Chronicles unveils God’s tireless efforts to guide and save His chosen people, Israel. Throughout generations, God sent messengers, prophets like Daniel, Amos, and Ezekiel, urging the people to amend their ways. Despite these divine warnings, the people turned away, leading to the destruction of the temple and their exile in Babylon. Written post-exile, this account serves as a poignant reminder of the consequences of straying from God’s path.

It’s crucial to understand that the concept of God’s wrath, which is written about in the book of Chronicles isn’t an emotional response but a cleansing process. The author uses this language to underscore the importance of repentance and fidelity to God’s law. It signifies the cleansing power of God’s mercy, demonstrated through foreign powers and ultimately leading to the liberation of His people.

In the Gospel, Jesus shares with Nicodemus the promise of salvation through His impending sacrifice. The Son of Man will be lifted up, offering eternal life to those who believe. Jesus, the light of the world, came not to condemn but to save. His death and resurrection provide a pathway for us to confront our sins openly, for in His light, we find healing and redemption.

Jesus’ divine light is like a lighthouse beacon, shining on all. Yet not everyone chooses to step into this light of grace. Fear may keep us in the shadows, reluctant to expose our true selves. But God desires to share His life with us and encourages us to set aside this fear. Christ brings us the light of truth, goodness, and salvation.

During this Lenten period, let’s focus on coming into the light, acknowledging our shortcomings, seeking forgiveness, and preparing to meet Our Risen Lord on Easter Sunday.

May the divine light guide us through Lent, bringing us closer to the love and salvation offered by our Lord.

With best wishes,

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