FHC Preparation

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FHC Preparation

Your year ahead ...

Week 5 - Jesus’ Birth & Ministry


Your story and Jesus’ story are connected.


God will go to unimaginable lengths to prove his love for you.


Jesus invites you to have a dynamic and personal relationship with him so that he can share his happiness with you and you can share it with others.
Catechist Video
The Mess
Jesus' Birth and Childhood
Jesus' Ministry

For the prayer this week, speak directly to Jesus as your friend, thanking him for being your saviour.

Send us a snapshot

For this week you can get creative if you want to and send us a photo of how you got on. But it’s not compulsory. 

Email content@ealingabbey.org.uk


You Have the Next 2 Weeks off - see you from 2nd Nov
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