FHC Preparation

Preparation to Receive forgiveness


Each Monday we will send out a link to this webpage. It will include some videos to watch and some activities.

We encourage you to watch the videos as a family and go through the activities together. It’s a way of placing faith at the centre of the family. In total each week should be about 20-30 minutes. You have a week before the content is updated. So be sure to plan ahead. We have found that having a day and time each week in the schedule can help. After the content has been updated, there isn’t a way to go back over the videos and mini activities. 


Being forgiven by God is one of the greatest experiences.


God will go to great lengths to help you know his love and mercy.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is one of the greatest moments in life.

Hello everyone, we now move into Week 4 of our preparation. 


I hope you all enjoyed the Family Prayer Event on Sunday 2nd October. It was lovely to come to gather before Jesus present in the Eucharist and to have time together in the Hall after. 


This Saturday 8th October we have our children’s sessions and on Sunday 9th October we have our 9am Mass altogether as a group. 


Looking forward to seeing you later in the week. Enjoy this week’s videos. 

Temptation, Sin, and Grace

Through a puppet show, Sarah and her friends remind you that God loves you and wants to show you the best way to live. That’s why he sent his only son, Jesus.

From the Bible: Adam and Eve

Join Ben as he dives into the story of Adam and Eve to discover one of God’s most precious gifts: free will.

Follow Your Conscience

God blessed you with a conscience, but it’s not always easy to listen to it when faced with a tough decision. Ben shares his dad’s 4 tips for making great decisions.

Closing Prayer

Let’s close this week in prayer together.

Send us Your Snapshot

There is nothing to send to us this week but if you want to send us a photo of any drawings you can do and we will put them on this page below. 

Don’t forget the Saturday 8th October sessions for the children and the Sunday 9th October 9am Mass together as a group.

Email content@ealingabbey.org.uk


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