Fr Andrew OSB Funeral Details

Fr Andrew OSB Funeral Details

Fr Andrew OSB Funeral Details

Fr Andrew’s remains will be received into the Church on Tuesday evening (12th October) at 5pm followed by Vespers of the Dead.  The 6pm mass on Tuesday will be offered for the repose of his soul with his family present.

The Requiem mass for Fr Andrew will be on Wednesday, 13th October at 2pm.

We are expecting a lot of people on Wednesday, so if you are planning to come, please come on Tuesday evening instead. 

Both will be live streamed via 

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Life of Christ Retreat

Join us for a Retreat on the Life of Christ, straight after the 12pm Mass on Sunday 24th March 2024. A great preparation for Holy Week. 

We will gather in the Bulbeck after 12pm Mass.

Get in touch with Daniel Ferguson if you would like to know more –

Sunday 24th March 1pm in the Bulbeck Room

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