God nourishes the seed

I need to spend time in prayer and listening to God, to nourish me.

Dear Parishioner,

In the Gospel today we have a collection of parables, most of which deal with the growth of seeds. These parables were used to encourage the disciples and Jesus’ followers to not be anxious and have faith. They were worried about the slow progress of the growth of the Kingdom of God. Jesus’ intention was to tell the disciples to be patient, to trust in God and not expect instant results.

We can learn a lot from this. We live in an age where things are now instant. The food in the microwave cooks in minutes, the Uber taxi (other services are available) arriving on demand, even your online shopping arriving the next day.  We have got used to near instant service, so when we must wait for something, when we have to nurture something, it can feel very uncomfortable. We want to rush, rush, rush.

But we know intuitively that some things just can’t be rushed. The farmer did his part he scattered the seeds, then he was patient and waited. Great virtues can be hard to develop. I can relate to this when it comes to my own spiritual growth. That growth took time to develop and mature and continues to need time and patience. I recognise I shouldn’t be concerned with the need for instant answers. I need to spend time in prayer and listening to God, to nourish me.  I learnt to be patient over time, good things come to those who wait.

I’ll finish today’s letter with something I said to the parents of the children I baptised last weekend. It sums up today’s message, we need to think of our relationship with God like a little seed, it needs care and attention to grow into something wonderful.

Take care of yourselves in the week ahead and enjoy the warm weather.

God Bless,

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