Christ the King

Christ reigns from the Cross. Christ on the Cross, crowned in glory, is an image which the Church has used since early times.

Dear Parishioner,

     This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King. This week concludes the Church’s year.  The feast assures us that Christ does indeed reign in glory, but the Gospel is taken from the Passion of Our Lord. Christ reigns from the Cross. Christ on the Cross, crowned in glory, is an image which the Church has used since early times. We should remember that persecution was the common experience of early Christians for about three hundred years and for many Christians round the world it has been that way ever since. We should understand that suffering is not necessarily bad and that suffering for the sake of the Kingdom is not bad at all.

      We might also note the words of Our Lord, “My kingdom is not of this world.” Perhaps we sometimes feel that we would like the Kingdom to be a bit more visible. In fact, the kingdom is seen in this world in the gathering of the faithful in all their diversity of age, abilities, states of life, health and wealth! We need to notice those around us and be sensitive to their needs. We can avail ourselves of the opportunity given by the Synodal Pathway to reflect on how we journey together, in our diversity, in the Church, in our parish or elsewhere.

       We acknowledge Christ as our king when we make private prayer, the Mass, looking out for the needs of others and always acting in accord with our informed conscience our four priorities.

       The Church is not an earthly kingdom or empire. Rather we are called to witness to Christ and give hope constantly to others. While the world lasts Christians will heed the words of Jesus, take up their cross every day and follow him.

       The Kingdom is here for us now, if we choose to enter. Jesus calls us into and gives us his unfailing help if we accept his invitation.

With prayers,

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