Dear Father, Deacon, Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am writing to ask your support for the Day for Life on Saturday 17th June & Sunday 18th June. This year the three episcopal conferences of England & Wales, Scotland and Ireland will be marking Day for Life at the same time. Theagreement to hold the Day for Life on one Sunday across the countries is a better sign of witness to the gospel of life.

This year the Day for Life seeks to highlight the trauma caused by abortion. The theme is “Listen to Her”. The message is an invitation to listen to the voice and story of a young Catholic woman who was suffering after an abortion and found healing. With her consent, we are able to highlight the distress which she suffered and how she found healing. 

We were inspired towards this message from a number of experiences: the ever-rising number of abortions in these countries, the introduction and impact of ‘telemedicine after the COVID 19 pandemic, and the stories of post-abortive trauma which we have heard from Rachel’s Vineyard, (based in Birmingham), ARCH (based in Scotland) and GiannaCare (based in Ireland). 

The message is also inspired by the Holy Father’s own words in 2016 which underlined both the gravity of abortion and that nothing is beyond the mercy ofGod. 

Many in our society, but especially women, are affected by abortion and we want people to know they can find a welcome in the heart of the Church and the promise of hope and healing found in Christ Jesus. 

A Novena of Prayer will be available on the CBCEW website which will lead upto the Day for Life. All resources, including the full message can be accessed here: 

On the Day for Life, there is a mandatory collection to be taken in churches. The funds raised will support life projects across the whole spectrum of life. This year the Department of Social Justice aims to be more transparentabout the use of funding after the grants have been made and will publish details. 

Thank you for your support.

with prayers and every good wish

Bishop John Sherrington

Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster

Yours in Christ,

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