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Our second reading from St Paul is a challenge for us to empty out any human constructed traits and concepts of who and what God is.

Dear Parishioner,

Moving house or flat or even just spring cleaning and de-cluttering and the clearing out that goes with it, can be quite traumatic. It involves deciding what you don’t need or use anymore and then disposing of it.  It’s an emptying out, a letting go of what you’ve been holding onto that you don’t need anymore.  Some people are very good at it and very disciplined. I can’t say I am! But it’s amazing how much you accumulate.  It’s an emptying out of a life, of all that you’ve accumulated from the life you’ve lived and what it means.  It’s also surprising how holding onto things can hold you back on other aspects of life that you don’t let go of, without realizing it.

It can be a good start to reflecting on how you live your life and what your priorities are.  How we understand ourselves, our beliefs and who God is for us and our understanding of who God is.  Corona-Virus Covid -19, Lockdown, has been and is such a time for that reflection 

Our second reading from St Paul is a challenge for us to empty out any human constructed traits and concepts of who and what God is. It is a reading we need to take up, reflect and pray over regularly, to make sure that how we define God or the claims we make about God, about Jesus, actually match what is revealed in Scripture. Jesus empties himself the moment he enters the womb of Mary and takes on the form of a slave and commits himself to dying, dying on a tree.  He does all of that to save us and to show us how to be truly human, who God truly is. He is the God of self-giving love. Let’s keep reflecting on what that actually and truly means. 

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