Leadership is a journey

Leadership doesn’t just happen. It’s a journey

Stop for a few moments and just reflect:  Name a time or times in your life that you can clearly say that God was at work.  Be it in a person, a situation, or an experience you had! When did you realise it? How did it reveal itself? Another question: Was there ever a scenario when you thought you were doing the right thing, doing what God wanted you to do and then, it emerged, that actually no, this isn’t the right way, and you need to make a change and do something or be somewhere different? 

Today’s Solemnity of Ss Peter & Paul Apostles is all about those questions and how God works in our world. How God breaks through into our lives, if we let him, and are open to him doing so!  It’s about how God chooses us and shows us what he has set us aside for, our purpose, our role and our destiny! 

St Peter, a fisherman, hot-headed, saying things without thinking, full of bravado and yet he denied three times that he even knew who Jesus was.  Not much of a ‘rock’.  

St Paul, a Pharisee, a persecutor of the first Christians in Jerusalem. He presumed he was doing God’s work!  He thought he knew it all, had all the answers!  God thought differently and let him know so on the road to Damascus, by blinding him and then putting him on the right track. 

Leadership doesn’t just happen.  It’s a journey. A journey of making mistakes, getting it wrong but learning from those mistakes and owning up to them.  It’s about putting your trust in God to show you the way! If we let God into our lives, He will show us the way! Very often by bringing other people into our lives to help us find our way in life!  Who are those people in your life?

Art & Prayer Workshop

Sat 10th Aug

Join us for an art and prayer workshop on Saturday, 10th August 2024 in the Bulbeck room from 10am-12pm. 

Reflect on scripture and saint’s writing through art-making. All welcome.

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